24 comments on “Counting Coup

  1. Very deep, I am still classed as young, I think about running around a tennis court like I did in my 20 somethings and now I cringed at the thought. Great words and as I said very deep.


  2. It seems like yesterday when I was young…the middle seemed to go the fastest…and NOW…it is sometimes painfully slow…wanting to do more, but finding I can do less…yes, how will we be remembered…will we be remembered…you have captured it all so well!


  3. Sorry it has taken me so long to drop by so as too thank you for all your ‘likes, but it has been my loss, for there is so much to feed the mind here on your site. I love the dramatic celestial picture; it adds depth to your posts. I have enjoyed my visit and in future will tag along for your wisdom.


  4. I can still do my 12k cross trainer workout daily at my vast years yet I fear my last vice – the accursed cigarette – will one day be my downfall. There is always some bloody hunter out there catching up with us! Great poem.


  5. Fabulous–I love “versified conflicts”. I know without knowing, in that place of the heart, that your name will always be spoken with honor.


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