30 comments on “Glassworks

  1. Sir P. F. Lenzi. Once more i must say that I appreciate a piece of your work. Not only for the content, the intent, but the ability that i say that makes a true poet, that is the ability to make poetry out of everything, one that I still have to master, but you Sir, have the great domination of. This, along with the picture prompt that is always marrying the poem itself. Great, inspiring. Keep up the Amazing work.

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  2. as others noted, the concept is rich with possibilities. given, then, that it’s a fine poem, i hope that you don’t mind a suggestion. for me the poem might end a few lines earlier. i think that the poem, beginning in the lines “display/ those tomorrows/ that promise to bear…” is telling the readers what the point is, in case it wasn’t clear. but i think the poem already has shown us the implications of the sand’s mutation in “clean vessel. “

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