56 comments on “We Cry for Our Own

  1. Same for me! My first visit was almost crippling. I returned many many years later again and a taxi dropped me off at the Ellipses near midnight and I walked to the wall in a mild snow. I did not know the location of the Korean memorial and when I took that left from the wall to see the statue of the The Three and saw that memorial in the half light and snow it nearly buckled my knees again. Great poem


  2. Goodbye to Handsome Johnny, Chris M., Butchie, and Matty D – we certainly cry for you, winners of the wrong lottery from back in the day. —–Chagall


  3. I remember there was some controversy about the design of the wall. Then I went and visited it myself. I didn’t know anyone who had gone to Vietnam, and yet I cried. Your poem evokes perfectly that great feeling of loss.


  4. I am the age of who many would BE…had it not been for Vietnam…some of my friends died there…some died when they returned–the grief too much for them. War –I wish we could solve our world problems without it…and I think we could, IF we believed we could! Your poem encapsulates the emotions, thoughts and feelings of those who grieve their lost…it is so beautiful, Paul! Thank you for speaking it for all of us who suffer the loss of these courageous men and women…


  5. Exactly my feelings, Paul–thanks for expressing them so perfectly. I would love to visit the Wall–yet I’m afraid I’d collapse with grief.


  6. Different time; different place yet I felt exactly the same as you so perfectly describe in this poem at Ypres. Only difference I guess is that I was trying to get an emotional handle on what was long gone – for you the wounds were still fresh.


  7. My Grandfather is buried in Arlington. He died as a result of injuries he received in World War One. Buried next to him is a young soldier hero who was killed in Vietnam in 1970. It is so hard to visit grandfather without shedding tears over this young boy who gave his life so some could denigrate his sacrifice without fear of retribution. The memorial always hits me the same way. Wonderful poem Paul.


  8. Those not listed
    Those without uniforms
    Those who never started nor ended it all
    yet..they had to fall..die and remain
    not wept. nor kept ..unmarked unseen
    the blood of victims soaked earth like rains
    got washed away..few can ever feel their pain


  9. Paul, my reactions were much the same. Paying homage, I researched the locations of the names I knew were there to view them and touch them. That was emotional enough, but accidentally discovering the names of two brothers who had been friends that I had no idea were also there is what caused me to totally lose my composure.

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