56 comments on “5:00 AM

  1. such a silent, entering, lovely metaphor! the photo is fantastic…I imagine New Hampshire to be beautiful! I have good friends from there and they visit NH at least once a year…always rejuvenates them…your poem is so delightful, Paul!

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  2. Lovely! Perspective though is a funny thing. I love to see the sunrise when i purposely get up early to see it or if I’m out or up that late and get to enjoy it. Beautiful and magical…. Completely different than when I’m trying to sleep or have a migraine…then its damn sun!

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  3. Love how you describe the dawn, so vivid especially with the great picture. I could easily imagine dawn pushing apart the leaves…Loved it 🙂


  4. Hello Paul, It has been some time since I have contacted you. I have missed your sweet, gentle nature. I’ve been ill so much this year, that my recent book releases has not been promoted at all. I am trying to figure out how to create a larger following, but, to be honest…I don’t know how. I’d like to correspond with you to ask some questions. If it is alright and you find it appropriate…Would you contact me by email? I would so appreciate it. God Bless as always, Barb


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