55 comments on “I Am Autumn

  1. This makes my heart soar in appreciation of the season…I loved these lines:

    dying does not

    lead to death

    but a fading to sleep

    for a season of rest

    Beautiful and inspiring read.

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  2. “…dying does not

    lead to death

    but a fading to sleep…”

    I spent my first five years in America’s Midwest. I remember all the grownups saying, “The trees die in the winter.”

    Why did no one say, “The trees go to sleep in the winter”?

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  3. The ‘spectrum’ of season is truly breathtaking, a transition in nature’s presence and purpose. I surely miss the floral burst of leaves’ readiness to fall in a blanket of beauty and decay, a life cycle metaphoric to humanity’s arrival and succumbing to the maturity of their years and deserved rest. Here in the west our foliage remains evergreen for the most part with a dappled pallor of earth tones for season’s measure.

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  4. “brief reminders/that illustrate why/life is better in spectrum” I just love these lines and hope beyond anything else today that people letting either fear or hatred consume their hearts and mixing all their own hues into a pallid gray, can hear echoes of your words here and begin to heal. Also, when you talk about composing a new world, I am reminded of a time in my whimsical, and yes, lost days, when a thought kept arising from my soul that it is possible to ‘compose a world’ and that God is actually rooting for me to do so, and that we would do it together. I haven’t thought about this inspiring message for quite some time, but your poem stirs my soul.

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