48 comments on “Applause

  1. Great work of tribute, Paul. I found myself too impacted by his death to write of it. It was interesting to me that the day before, we lost Maximilian Schell–another fine actor (“Judgement at Nuremberg”), age 83–and nothing about his death to interest the tabloids.


      • Yes–as though Schell’s family running from the Nazis was less life-impacting than Hoffman’s issues. But you’ve often written of it–history is easily forgotten, particularly the ignoble bits.


  2. It is a mystery to me why so many highly gifted, creative people often carry a self-destructive instinct within their psyche . . . Breaks my heart! Again . . . Thank you for putting words to the pain . . .
    Blessings . . .


  3. Paul, I seriously think it is about time you publish your poetry. I’d would really buy your book when you do! I don’t know how you do it. Some of your verses just rips my heart. In a good way 🙂


  4. I see much has been said by way of fine comments to this poem already so I will revert to a simple observation – when reading this this time around the voice within was English upon a Shakespearean stage. Superb poem.


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