31 comments on “Columbus Day

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this, grew misty-eyed by the end, Paul–indeed, “con gusto, con brio”. It’s difficult for many of us whose family were not recent emigrants to appreciate how much character and courage it does take to embrace, and find a place, in a new land. Wonderful tribute post.


  2. Paul, I have a tendency to be a little over the top in my comments on pieces I really like. So, I hope a simple “Magnificent!!!!!” will suffice this time. Darn! Now what am I going to do with all those superlatives I didn’t use! Just a thoroughly exquisite piece of writing, Paul. Bravo!



  3. These were deeply moving words for me. My in-laws were married on Columbus Dad, so, there is that, but, it is how your words are woven in my own family’s Greek immigrant story, with its language and customs different, but, the journey very much the same. Thank you.


  4. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. It means a lot during this debauched election season to know that people like your emigrant father and grandfather, along with their dreams and descendants, are part of the roots of America. Thanks you, Paul. I like that the SS Giuseppe Verdi brought them here.

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    • we natives are each and all children of immigrants – the SS Giuseppe Verdi was indeed serendipitous, Verdi being our family’s favorite composer – his music played in our house every Sunday, via 78s on the old Victrola


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