25 comments on “Homemade Wine

  1. When traveling in Italy a few years back, we enjoyed asking for local wines are restaurants. Some even had bottles filled and lightly corked right on the shelf in the room. When these were emptied into our glasses, they took the bottles aside and refilled them from the cask which came from a local vineyard. No need to even ask whether you could purchase the wine at a shop. You had to know the vineyard owner…


  2. As the songwriter Al Stewart once wrote of a the wine cellar, ‘You can hear history breathing.’ Sadly, my attempts over the years at wine-making have all ended in a disaster! A great shame as wine is my passion – hence we shop once a month in France. Plainly your beautiful poem was not about my pathetic efforts to craft wine of my own.


  3. i grew up in an Italian/Irish neighborhood. Still remember the grape arbors in the back yards and stealing grapes. Never did get to taste the wine though. Probably just as well.


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