24 comments on “Cognitive Dissonance

  1. Difficult, indeed. Perfect marriage of title and content.

    Though, in the end, for me at least, it is not a question of the lesser of two evils, but of the magnitude of the greater. I consider what tenor of human being I want to represent my species.

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  2. One person’s good is another’s evil and vice versa. What counts is the knowledge, experience and toughness needed to do the job. What happens to poor, working poor and those a level or two above (maybe even you) depends on the outcome of this election. Government for the masses as opposed to government for business interests. I’ve read the term “plantation society” earlier, and that’s what we would have under the “greater evil.” No possibility that the “lesser evil” might not be so evil after all?

    Oh, by “even you” I meant regardless of your situation. I just realized how that sounded!

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  3. As someone on the dole, I know how my friends and I would be hurt if the Republicans get in. These days it’s SSD. In Ancient Rome of say 180 CE, I would be getting a basket of wheat and corn. Even a Roman emperor would be easier on me than Trump.

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