31 comments on “Hobby

  1. I love the old ship models….have a ship in a bottle with gold sails….the Mary Rose. Did the Bluenose model as a kid. There is a fantastic toy shop in Las Vegas that has all of the old models from my childhood. All the planes, cars, and ships. May start again. I love the poem Paul…thanks for the memories.


  2. Beautifully said Paul. Brings the adventure of the sea into my home. Have a neighbor who is also a model ship builder. His home is like a museum. Beautiful reminders of yesterday.


  3. We used to live – for many years – in Dartmouth in Devon (incidentally the true departure point for the Mayflower). You poem takes me back to the place where tall ships in the natural harbour were commonplace. Fine, fine poem.


  4. As Peter said, “masterly”, and beautiful–I come from 2 seafaring fathers so, much of the romance has worn off and drowned for me. But I still hear the siren’s song.


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