28 comments on “Pieces

  1. This was pretty intense for me because I can relate to every word. I can’t help but wonder if your mind is constantly plagued with ideas that you just have to get out.


  2. I have never viewed it that way. Leaving pieces of myself behind as well. Thank you for your words. I find them constantly “helping” my perception.


  3. Broken parts can be mended even stronger never to be broken again. All that is missing will come together, and holes will be dried no more. Memories lost or faded will be renewed again. What ever was lost can be found again. What ever was left behind will join again. Nothing will be lost as nothing can be lost. You may have existed everywhere but one day you will exist in one place. Although unaware you were real even then and in the present as real as can be !
    Beautiful words with very deep meaning. Thank you for sharing with us. Love and Light 🙂 ❤

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