28 comments on “Nociception

  1. Interesting, your poem today . . . I too have been thinking of Pain and wrote about it in this morning’s post on poetscorner . . . Curious that ‘courage’ is a word others use to chart the course of others should adopt as a way of dealing with inevitabilities . . . Thanks for helping me think through dark thought . . .
    Blessings . . .


  2. Oh goodness–“live with it”, yes but it’s not like living with chronic weather conditions, is it. I do love the part about dreams can be dreamed into poems–some days it feels like that’s the best I can hope for. Which ain’t bad, except for the pain–physical or other.


  3. My heart goes out to you in your suffering– admire you no end for pouring it into your art. I’d say that the bright side to pain, if such a thing can be said (and I understand if you would say to Hell with that BS) but it can give you opportunity to use it in a positive way, whether pouring it into art, poetry or spirituality. God bless!


  4. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn has been studying mindfulness meditation for over 30 years. Showing an average 50% drop in chronic pain with his classes, versus average 30% drop with opiates. Dunno if the meditation is addictive, but hard to beat. I have read two of his books. One came with a meditation cd. I am quite contrary by nature/nurture. When I was having trouble sleeping I would play the body scan section. He starts by saying this section is to fall awake, not fall asleep. So of course, I would fall into deep and blissfully contrary sleep…….


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