19 comments on “Allegory of the Cave

  1. excellent questions poetically expressed! you echo for me many of my favorite writers who critiqued enlightenment values as politically re-described forms of authoritarianism. only now we worship “Truth” instead of “God,” and expect others to fall in line or be severely punished…and if that is the case, then how does the individual find a healthier path to personal truths that yet have meaning for more than just one thinker alone? what’s the balance between (as Richard rorty describes it) private irony and public hope? I don’t know the answers. i’m glad to find another sympathetic questioner. Stephen batchelor wrote a great essay on this (short book) called “alone with others.”


  2. in my experience enlightenment is real. The forms of the good are the processes needed to ensure the mutual success of the endeavor. In my EQUITY IN HUMAN RELATIONSHIP THEORY & SHARED STATE THEORY OF COMMUNICATION I delineate the ancient type of relationship which has been lost, the rational relationship i call the “praxis of the rational” but it is far more complicated then that.


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  4. Your poetic calibre is very far beyond my reach Paul F Lenzi Sir.😊 …I fall short of words to appreciate your each and poem …you serve as an inspiration to me. ..I love your poems on fractals very much. ..that’s why you will find a pic of fractals on most of my post’s

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