31 comments on “221B

  1. There is enough intrigue and mystery in this to set ol’ Sherlock himself into a thoughtful pose and whimper of acceptance. Great quality Paul I enjoyed the references, image and obvoius depth CD knowledge put to exceptional use. Thanks in turn for your kind comment posted.


  2. Ooooh, so many good phrases here–I love, “Bliss has no keys” and “gripping good crimes”; and “brocade paranoia” is just plain Fabulous; “clock ticks the tempo of fear” is SO accurate! Wowza


  3. Inquisitive mind.
    Strong intuition.
    Olden days that i wish i was born into…

    This poem evoked beautiful longings i used to have about the fact that i wish i was born in different era. Such beauty.


  4. A very special piece and thanks for posting it – much appreciated. Were I ever asked to identify and address a miscreants mannerisms by the police I truly believe that if presented my evidence in the style of your poem then there would be no requirement for any photo-fit! Only problem, of course, is that while I might know the words I never piece them together with such sublime craft and class!


  5. Fresh take on the old boy. I enjoy all the textures evoking the heavy dressage of the period. Would love to see him deer stalking about more locations in perhaps a companion poem, this could be fleshed out (the movement of the described character thru the piece carries the reader, and it is a lovely ride).


  6. Reminds me of the film Mr. Holmes starring Ian McKellen where he plays an aging Sherlock.
    Always excellent poetry, however poignant, Paul.

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