57 comments on “A Personal Note

  1. Thank you, Paul. Your writing is a constant source of enlightenment, enjoyment, and inspiration to me. Cheers to another X number of years. 👏

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  2. Here’s wishing you continued good health Paul a continuous flow of words an inkwell that never runs dry and seasons greetings, may 2017 see you continue to be an inspiration and a constant source of encouragement to all you touch with your eloquent words.

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  3. Well done Paul…wish you hadn’t mention ‘snow’! Not only have we marvelled at your talent, I for one can say that, without you necessarily being aware, you work has inspired me…such as my offerings are…to up my game the best I can. I owe you a thank you and feel sure many others also do.

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    • your “game” is indeed up – and above just about anything to be found on WordPress – the knitting clouds and 1945 poems are exquisite examples of that truth – for me, it’s getting more difficult to sit and muse, so my writing has slowed considerably

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