28 comments on “Terrible Truth

  1. For lack of a better word, Paul, “wow”; I am moved by many poems, weep at some but this one I sobbed and took it all in. Life’s necessary losses from transitions, changes and death are all layers that seem to accumulate and need to be acknowledged, mourned, shed. Truly you are a gifted poet, Paul. Best in the New Year to you and your family x Cheryl-Lynn

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    • no writer could receive a greater compliment than to know that his words have had an emotional impact upon the reader – thank you from the bottom of this old man’s heart, Cheryl-Lynn – all the best of the new year returned in kind to you and yours

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  2. I loved this. the cadence was like the march of time going nowhere. Like consider this verse:

    a tangible emptiness
    stands in the space
    of what recently was
    but which no longer is
    in the chair where he
    lived and endured
    all those difficult years
    sits the substance of
    yearning to have him
    returning a need with
    dimension and weight

    Yearning/returning. All the rhyme needed as this poem moves toward longing. Oh-to be able to write like this—feel like this. Simply overwhelmingly tragically authentic. This is not a villanelle but has some form which I wish the whole poem had. This one verse could carry the whole poem. Gorgeous.

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    • oh, susan – I can’t tell you how much your kind and thoughtful words mean to me – I greatly appreciate your critique, too – this comment goes straight to my keepsake box – I’m so happy that you felt the cadence – I work hard to create meter in most of my free verse, but worry that it’s only my ear that hears it


  3. Paul on December 18th during the first candle light service of M(EYE) Life, the spirit of M(EYE) aborted daughter came to Me and Her Name is Maria. Then M(EYE) Brother Howard Talbot Walden Hyde hovers, and M(EYE) Mother, Elizabeth Joan Walden Hyde is also now with Me — FULL TIME. Working on M(EYE) Father.

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