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      • I like Poe’s prose, and I like a few of his poems. But I think his Raven is one of the most cumbersome monstrosities of verse I have ever heard. When I was younger I told a teacher what I thought and she looked horrified. She told me I sounded like Emerson. So I looked up what Emerson thought about the poem. I was pleased to find out we shared basically the same opinion. This of course doesn’t make my opinion right. I just liked knowing I was in good company.

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  1. I love the poem and the drawing, I don’t know about ravens, but we have crows in the back yard and they keep a eye for the hawk and foxes that occasionally pass by our yard. They protect and guard the rest of the birds, squirrels chipmunks, etc.,by scaring and chasing the predators. In other words they are the guardians of the rest of the community. We really like the crows.

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  2. Enjoyed your poem. Crows are more intelligent than we know. Unlike us, who don’t know one crow from another, they do know one human from another. They can solve complicated puzzles and use tools. They are amazing birds. Your last stanza is chilling and wonderful…a poem actually. Love it.


  3. This speaks to me of a new-found courage I feel after watching the Inauguration today. To me the repetitions of words spoken at Inaugurations since George Washington’s carry more weight than the hollow rhetoric of the 45th President. Our country is more than any one President.

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