18 comments on “Pointless

  1. Wow! Totally deep. I don’t understand how you can keep taking from your reservoir of poetic skill and come up with such quality each time. I never tire from reading your blog. May you live forever.


  2. Yes, but look at the great moral victory we have won . . .
    The cost of war is always born by the poor who survive, not those who profit from mayhem in the name of justice . . .


  3. If we could not vicariously from the Soviet’s futile attempts to tame those highlands, why would we expect a different result? We did not even consider that the Silk Road passed through these regions centuries ago. Our Wall Street quarterly report mentality has not patience or long term perspective. Do we even forget Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Every exit is an entrance somewhere else?” Or, was that Stoppard in Rosencrance and Gildernstern Are Dead?


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