44 comments on “Eyes

  1. I hate the neighbor’s cat! My own cat, however, is a different story . . . The Gatz is a Muse! When he lies on my lap and purrs, the pebbles leap off the shore and onto my thread . . . It’s a mystery!

    I love the poem!


  2. You’ve captured the aloofness of the feline brilliantly. By the way I deliberately worked my way through your excellent new book over the past few days. Superb collection.


  3. But, dogs get taken for walks by their owners and more often than not leave stuff on the pavement or in the field and it stinks. Okay, cats maybe more solitary animals but I think they are better than dogs. You sound a bit harsh on cats. Our cat is lovely and we adore her. We are a bit biased. I do like the poem though.


  4. Cats are royal creatures! Their entire life evolves around themselves, but I can’t help but love them! Maybe it’s because they show me how to take care of my own needs before everyone else’s! 🙂


  5. I love cats and recently i watched a cat program that broke my heart – not in too bad a way though. 🙂 Turns out that all this time I fed my cat on time etc, I was not being a good master to my cat- I was being the servant he has so well trained me to be :-/

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  6. As a mama to a catkid I think you are right about the attitude of cats and I must say it also applies to many people. I think cats are quite beautiful in their attitude of superiority but people are quite offensive in theirs.


  7. As a professional cat butler Paul I can echo the sentiments of your poem completely. After a day of waiting on my cat I’m lucky if I get so much as a sniff.

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