41 comments on “Bohemian Scents

  1. Thanks for the visceral reminder of standing along the Seine . . . What great memories it triggered! Every snapshot another poem waiting to be unraveled . . . Would love to share a set of those poems with you if you’re interested . . . Let me know . . .


  2. Beautiful the vision of old books I love that. I had a collection once before but got left in another life. Oh well creating my own now. I could smell the old books as I was reading your work


  3. “cracked leather mustiness” evokes an immediate response.
    I can’t imagine a better showing or sharing of that scene.

    “collecting the
    the heady aromas of life”
    I love it!!


  4. there is so much to take from this poetry, the beauty of the seine, the most intriguing scent of books, the old (love it) and the new, the smell of oil painting, visuals and aromas of life, amazing writing Paul.


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