45 comments on “Dastards

  1. You, Sir are not one of them. I fall into traps of my own making regularly…the curse of the Jack of all trades, master of none…not so, the poetic musings of genius. Not a ‘throwaway’ I might add. Whatever gift you have I’d gladly pay a King’s Ransom for.

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  2. The preacher who says ‘I’m just a wretched sinner like you!’ has taken his first step in preaching a sermon someone definitely needs to hear. The prophet Amos arrived in town saying ‘I’m not a prophet! Just a shepherd & a fig`picker from down south!’ Then proceeded to dissect the idolatry of his time till folks ran him out of town. What a prophet! And you, my friend, are a POET! And what a poet . . .

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  3. Point taken – but then we can but try. For how shall we ever learn not to be fraudulent if we, as poets, fail to embrace life and explore the meaning behind the words? After all, we all dance to the sound of our own drum. But what if our drum is broken or we are hearing someone else’s drum instead?

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  4. You wrote ‘For You’. You are excused from self-criticism by virtue of loving one woman forever. That is all that matters in the end. Be as kind to yourself, Paul, as you are to your love. You must have done something very right. A heart that loves as yours cannot go far wrong I think. Hug your wife from me, please. And a hug for you. I admire you both.x

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