15 comments on “Polarities

  1. And here I was feeling like a butterfly floating upward from the negative end of the positive polarity to the positive side of the negative polarity only to fall again into its negative side to await some profound self discovery . . . I guess not . . . As to ‘shuddering wobble’: any naysayer has never owned a maytag washing machine . . . Great writing, my friend . . .

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  2. I like the rhythm and the pace. A few words and their usages I found a bit confusing but I enjoyed your poem. I envy your ability to write incessantly. My attention span is severely hampered by the meds that I take to control bipolar mood disorder. I work in fits and starts, at best. At worst, I’m paralysed with my mind all over the place. “ipseities”? Is this meant to be “impieties” as in irreverent or even disrespectful? Thanks, I follow you daily and I draw inspiration from your regular rhythm of work. 😉 Peter

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      • Thanks for the heads-up Paul. My vocabulary is now one word stronger. I intend to learn at least one new thing per day. You’ve given me two! 😉 Thanks! I’ll be back, never fear. Nice to “meet” you, so to speak. Write? P

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