28 comments on “Sahara

      • Well I hope I’m in error Paul, as I was enjoying your Posts and I appreciated your response to ours but it could have been someone elses Post that was confirming Evolution as fact but it will take me time to look back and if needed I will apologise.

        As for knowing anyone’s beliefs we can only confirm them by their words and actions which express their focus but we don’t know anyone’s elses heart or their Destiny, only God does, they may still come to repentance before they die, even on their deathbed, which is why we are to Love even our enemies but we don’t have to agree and accept the wrong they do and say, we are to stand up for God’s Truth, even if this means rejection or even death from those who walk in the flesh.

        I will be in touch soon – Christian Love – Anne


        • I don’t know you well enough to explain my personal beliefs, or my poetry for that matter, except to say that I find no dichotomy between a theory of evolution and a belief in divine creation. Suffice it to say that you and I apparently differ in our applications of Judaic old testament exegesis. I don’t care to further this discussion, but I thank you for your interest in my blog, despite the infelicity of your comments.

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  1. Whenever I see a scarab, I think of all the creepy scenes from the film “The Mummy” where scarabs crawl through someone’s skin, up their bodies, and into their brains. HA!


  2. Oooh, I read down through the comments–see you had a tussle with someone I’d met early on. Please let me know if I ever transgress respectful boundaries of belief and opinion.


  3. Great beetle picture. Delightful humor, Paul. About scarabs, I remember when scarab bracelets were the thing in the 50’s and early 60’s. I’ve got two in my jewelry box. Noting to do with your lovely poetry. 🙂

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