29 comments on “Cancer

  1. Why, I continue to wonder, does it strike one and not the other, some but not all, the careful and the careless, the just and the unjust alike . . . A deep mystery . . .

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  2. I have witnessed the suffering of this evil. I despise cancer and my greatest fear is of acquiring it. However I love how well you have cast death in a positive light. We can, and should, welcome it when the warrior of the battle grows weary and all hope of a favorable outcome is over.

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  3. Your words leave me thoughtful. Death as hero – cancer, ALS, MS, other diseases, all can wear away body and leave only the spirit to make the best it can of the end. Sometimes a release into freedom from all the body must bear, sometimes a letting go of what remains – so often those I have known have simply grown tired of pain and struggle. Death to the rescue, then?

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  4. As a cancer survivor these past five years I get you, Paul. My family members have a long history of cancer. Since I was a youngster I’ve seen these very things happen in numerous lives. From adversity comes strength and from total humiliation rises dignity. Thank you for reminding me P

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