32 comments on “Bildungsroman

  1. “peace with a boyhood religion
    still holding his soul in its hands”–I found a kind of poignancy in these lines. A poem I really enjoyed!

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  2. Having been raised Catholic, I can’t help but feel drawn to your splendid poem. You certainly captured the spiritual journey of child to man and all the questions and doubts that surface.

    As a young child and up to my high school years, my parents enrolled me in Catholic schools. Never was I allowed to question my faith or contradict any of the instructors; many who were nuns. How normal it is now, as an adult, to rejoice in the freedom to find my own path! Thank you for your words, and only a fellow Catholic could really understand such things.

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  3. What wonderful verse you weave through and around a life of ever maturing faith & practice. I thank you for it as in it I see my own journey though in a somewhat different light. Sheer grace!

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      • And my Presbyterian Theological Seminary accepted all my credits from the local Catholic Seminary where I took half the courses toward my degree. I went to the Catholic Seminary because I still had a son at home. My Presbyterian Seminary was in another state. 🙂

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  4. P.S. My dad was Catholic and did his own branching out many years ago when he agreed with my Presbyterian mother to raise us children Presbyterian. His mother was Presbyterian and his dad Catholic so maybe we were mavericks from the beginning.

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