52 comments on “Conjunctive Pronouns

  1. I stand for Fairplay and equity. I have since the 1960s and will continue to put myself and my finances at risk to support the elimination of criminal behavior by US businesses and politicians. It is my hope that the citizens of United States will get to the point where they realize that our collective power can change our country. I am proud to be American but not proud of some of the things my country has done. Hopefully my statement is unequivocal enough to be clear.

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  2. Such words of wisdom will fall on the deaf ears of those who do not wish to hear – unless of course the likes of you and I each in our own little way be it by poetry, satire or whatever keep saying them.


  3. So many fabulous lines/phrases in this, giving a visual to your message. “Like to be duped”–gosh, I almost wish I could be one, avoid a lot of messy responsibility.

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