42 comments on “Torment

  1. A true masterpiece…there’s an old London saying, a little crude admittedly. It is used to describe excellence, and goes, ‘This is the dog’s bollocks’. Any astute (if there are any left) Londoner would readily praise this poem thus. And, if you didn’t know of the phrase before I hope it brings a little cheer.

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  4. This made me think of Ecclesiastes!
    There’s nothing like expression from the deepest and most honest parts of ourselves. And the spiritual beauty of sharing our pain. And once again, so eloquently put. How your poetry has fed others. And it is so relatable.
    But please let me encourage you, if that is what you need, if this poem is your current state.
    Don’t despair. The end of time surely is a gift, better things await. And we often don’t know how the things in our lives have impacted others. I know you know all of this, I thought perhaps you might need to hear it from someone else. And I don’t know if it is encouragement to be reminded, but Kierkegaard did believe in eternity, afterall 🙂

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  5. “Son of David, have mercy on me!” as I read what a kindred poet echoes from mine own tangled mind, unraveling heart and agonized torment of soul. Grand writing, powerfully crippling pain penned. My prayers–that you would know succor, or release…

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  7. WOW…it was intense. Paul, the words were emotional and rang true with me and I am certain many others. Have a great day.

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