29 comments on “Equity

  1. Sadly, the expression “justice is blind” appears to literally refer to judges in Canada. Bad enough that I am driven to write a two-book work on the broader subject.

    Obviously this poem strikes a chord with me.


  2. Few punishments fit the crime both now and then. We humans never seem to get it right in that regard yet the ethics and philosophy behind our respective legal systems are well set to do that one thing, namely ‘get it right.’


  3. I´ll be more simplistic in the comment. Having been to jail for robbery believe me that those 6 months did nothing to deter me from doing the same when I came out. The only thing that deterred me was cleaning my act, getting my act together and deciding for myself me and only me, what best and what I wanted for my life for me and for the people that loved me.


  4. Don’t get me started on equity tonight–I’m in a tearfully frustrated depressed rage because of the disparity/partiality/compassionate favor shown to “bad” tenants (chronically destructive and disruptive) in this subsidized housing game, and none to me. I deserve better–I’ve paid my dues, and then some.

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