27 comments on “Westminster Bridge

  1. As a Londoner, born less than a mile from the scene of yesterday’s carnage, I should like to thank you for that piece.
    Inspirational and moving, it encapsulates the indomitable spirit of my great city and of those who dwell here.
    I thank you again sir.

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  2. Paul, I spent 30 years as a Police Officer in London and walked that beat many times. It’s the taking of the oath that carries the officer through the horrors of days like yesterday. There will always be a threat but the Blue Lamp will always shine over London. Thank you.

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  3. A perfect portrait in verse grieving another episode of senseless violence. Will it never cease? It is a virus in our midst . . .

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  4. And carry on we must. A beautifully sad tribute Paul, touching and resolute. What is this dire hunger, this obsessive need to take away an innocent’s life? Destruction of the masses as just cause and effect; to take lives out of twisted perception? I agonize for those lost and the loss of their loved ones. How can this carnage be justified on any level?

    Humanity seems hell-bent on systemic annihilation, or at least a fragment of humanity thrashing out in desperate missions of anarchy. Our strength of conviction shall be our only and just savior.

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