24 comments on “Modern Lit

  1. Ahhhh Yes–Donne. And I love “bristling metaphors” (you do those so well!)–and don’t I wish to have “quotable clarity that sings”….


  2. Nostalgia is the word that kept ringing when I read your poem. As an English language and Literature major, I get where you’re coming from. Somehow, the poems of then are merely too ingenious to be surpassed by modern semi-rhymed, quasi-poetry. No offence, there are some good poets who know what they write. Anyway, beautiful as always.


  3. What a great poetry work Paul, Language is the basis of civilization, it is the link that keeps human connected and it is the first weapon drawn in a conflict.
All languages are great but few countries that has colonized others has imposed their own languages on their subjects and claim that their language is superior.

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