14 comments on “Velocity

  1. I have to wonder, as I read your writings–do you have conversations with people that sound like this? Or do all these thoughts and words go on, privately and politely mute, behind “fine, thank you” and “pass the garlic bread, please”?

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    • I’m always polite – rarely mute – I guess it depends upon the conversation – but I always say what’s in my mind – the way I write is pretty much the way I speak (spoke) in professional settings (of course without the poetic flourishes) – and when teaching (insurance) – when giving (business) speeches – at home I’m certainly more casual – I’ve been known to mumble now and then – unless we’re discussing (arguing) serious topics, then I can get rather formal


  2. And so it is we move into and out of each others lives like bullets fired from high`powered rifles leaving barely a hole to say we were there . . .

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