28 comments on “Introvert

  1. Mm.. i had to look up half the words but i could still fill the vigor, i love that but I’m not quite sure introverts would feel the same, great take thank you… mm…

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  2. There’s a smoothness to this, belying what I think is the bumpy way to these insights. Are all writers introverts? Is the writing process a “sweet separateness”? Does the inwardness of writing demand more than a “hashmark on some psychological spectrum”? Do writers avoid “plastic aesthetics”? I don’t know. What I do know is that I love the idea that writing is a “benign social pathology.” Perhaps you did not intend to make the introvert the same as the writer, but in such blur lies the grace of poetry, yes? Your wording is beautifully crafted.

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  3. Somehow I missed this one. Profound. I am an introvert. Writing is connection to myself. Words appear from within to express what I see and feel, mostly in the form of poetry. Writing connects me to a community when other writers “see” what I am expressing. Deep appreciation for following my blog, Paul.

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