25 comments on “Chalkboard

  1. If the final calculation of our worth rests on an algorithm I’m afraid we’re both in big trouble . . . Life begins with grace, runs on grace, and ends with grace; or not . . .

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  2. Wow, this has a harsh feel to it–as Peter has already noted, God’s grace is the only way any of us comes up with a good score at the end of the day, or life. May He cover you with His blessings.

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    • thank you, dear friend – I meant it to be harsh, as in the truth can be harsh – I believe God chooses to grant or withhold grace based on his judgment of a souls merit – I often feel that I fall short


      • Yes, the truth can be very harsh… I agree that God’s grace is conditional–in that it is reserved for those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, accept by faith His provision for our salvation. If we’re in that camp, we’re secure–regardless that many days we’d not make it on “merit”. Pretty much daily I fall short of what I desire to be, as a reflection of Him–but I’m persuaded that God looks at me through the blood of Christ shed for me, which covers me 24/7. That is the confidence of my faith which I cling to–on days when I mess up terribly, disappointing myself and others, if not Him.

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  3. Oh Paul, I believe you are being hard on yourself too! I second and third the sentiments about God’s grace. At the end of the day, it is the only reliable thing. I hope you will have peace of mind. And I agree, another amazing piece.

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