24 comments on “Nosegays

  1. Wonderful write Paul. Smells can definetly take you back to a moment in an instant.

    This stanza was steaming :

    A whiff of her perfume
    The nose of that vintage
    The intimate odors
    Of bedsheets at dawn
    Sweet fragrances fanned
    From her garden of blooms
    By the flounce of her sundress
    Immodestly twirled

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  2. American (so very pleasingly American) literature/poetry – call it what one wants in this instance – at its finest. This stands apart from just about anything I’ve read in a long time – and that is saying something given your portfolio of pure masterpieces. Should any work stand the test of time I like to hope it will be your own.


  3. WOW, exceptionally fine. You write so that rereading has the similarly exquisite pleasure of seeing sunsets again and again.


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