70 comments on “Too Little, Too Late

  1. These lines –

    “your violet voice
    I let vanish
    before the
    unpitying onset
    of age and your
    leaving me
    taught me
    to hear you”

    reminded me of the song below, and a recent relationship that I didn’t end at first, but then realizing the depth of the depravity of the one-sidedness of the situation, and when I was fickly sought for reconciliation, it was as the title of your poem, “too little, too late”. Anyway, it’s an awesome poem Paul! I have no sympathy for the devil though, or those who take after him in their crafty practices, when it comes to their seeking one chance too many after being giving countless opportunity to make amends in the past for lesser offenses then those I’ve observed recently. I can forgive, but I’m not under any obligation to seek reconciliation of a broken romantic relationship, thankfully!

    “The Violet Hour”
    by Sea Wolf

    Your lips are nettles,
    Your tongue is wine.
    Your laughter’s liquid,
    But your body’s pine.
    You love all sailors,
    But hate the beach.
    You say come touch me
    But you’re always out of reach….

    In the dark you tell me of the flower
    That only blooms in the violet hour.

    Your arms are lovely,
    Yellow and rose.
    Your back’s a meadow,
    Covered in snow.
    Your thigh’s are thistles,
    And hot-house grapes.
    You breath your sweet breath
    And have me wait.

    In the dark you tell me of the flower.
    That only blooms in the violet hour.

    I turn the lights out,
    I clean the sheets.
    You change the station,
    Turn up the heat.
    And now your sitting,
    Upon your chair.
    You’ve got me tangled up,
    Inside your beautiful black hair….

    In the dark you tell me of the flower.
    That only blooms in the violet hour.

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      • Well, if I may be quite transparent, when I told my husband of 3 yrs I was leaving–his Only response was that he’d finally figured a way to get a house without me having to work. I told him I hoped he and his house would be very happy. He may have gotten a house, I don’t know–but he ran a couple more wives off, so I heard.


  2. Hit the spot Paul! Reminders of a better way to be and share and listen….very poignant! Wouldn’t all our relationships be better if we only could but hear the ‘violet voice’ before the leaving….stunning Paul!


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