49 comments on “Players

  1. Wow. Is this based in fact? It’s super. Hey, thanks for your comment on my Nelson Mandela poem. My mistake embarrasses me and I appreciate your pointing it out, and hope the replacement line is at least a little better. : )


    • it’s a fiction I imagine could easily have happened in my adopted New England neighborhood – I’m glad I could help – I’ve made plenty of mistakes and understand the feeling


  2. Yes we can indeed thank God Paul, for second chances and for the gift you have with words , I was experiencing the terror they felt at the thought of loosing the boys, your words bring imagery and this brings emotions…. well done.

    Christmas Love from both of us – Anne


  3. I almost wanted this to be real. I believed it to be. It felt like it. Every piece of description and action unfolded as if you had been there taking part in the adventure. I agree with Rosaliene. Capturing the excitement and tension in so few words is a gift.

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  4. This is wonderful Paul! You had hooked me at the first couple of lines! Curious, did the picture prompt the poem or did you find it afterward?

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