53 comments on “Habit

  1. Very nice. One of those habits that’s deceptively difficult to kick (permanently, at least). I always find myself coming back to it to some degree.


      • Seems that those explanations for one’s return are more often elusive than not. My most recent return didn’t even involve cravings or any sort of explicit motivation; of all things it was a coupon that arrived in the mail and, in true consumerist fashion, brought the uneasy feeling that it’d be better off used than unused.


  2. Quit twice– the second time for good. Still miss it sometimes. But lost my brother to cigarettes at age 56. Way too young. I understand your point though as it comes through clearly in your wonderful poem.


  3. We obviously share the same taste for tobacco – whereas US beers have never done it for me toasted tobacco from your land was always my smoke of choice – Camels are so hideously expensive (getting on for £10 a pack) here now plus I take filter tips these days. But memories of the old days, yes!


  4. Yes, I remember: 25 cents a pack of Pall Mall from the machine at the bowling alley! What a deal! Now 60 years later I still can’t walk by a wisp of smoke and not feel the long longing to inhale deeply . . .


  5. Nice poem. Love this line – “had a nicotine birth in the back of my throat”. I offered to go buy cigs for my husband when he was trying to quit over Christmas one year. They are his little bit of patience, although he’s now on the electronic version.

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  6. Wonderful artistry. The shape and plain-spoken words of your poem do the picture of James Dean proud. I smoked briefly my senior year in high school trying to look sophisticated. It did not work so I quit.

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  7. No one Ever looked Cooler than James Dean did with a cigarette in his mouth!
    I used to smoke too. Quit for 10 years, started again (stupid) and finally quit for good.
    Good luck to you Paul and thanks for the great read!

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