60 comments on “Tempest Tossed

  1. It’s hard to understand why we release our servicemen back into civilian life without giving them opportunities to make a living. The Peace Corps is more thoughtful, offering returned volunteers a crack at government jobs without having to go through the usual long, long process of application otherwise required. Why can’t we do the same for our returning warriors?


  2. Wow, Paul–this cuts to the heart’s bone, exactly as it should. It’s a tragedy, and offensive–not the vets, mind you–offensive they should have to beg for anything, let alone survival and freedom.


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  4. I must admit that I am embarrassed to have taken so long in checking out your blog (thanks so much for your interest in my own) I can only plead that I barely am able to find time to post, yet alone enjoy the great work of my fellow bloggers.

    With that out of the way, I really enjoy this piece and will be exploring your blog further. I am currently writing an end of term essay on Vietnam and found this especially poignant.

    Thanks for posting and thanks for following.


  5. Treated all along
    Loving animals can not repay
    nor live long
    Never could build a circle strong
    Had it been human being
    Would it be same song ?
    Perhaps answer is yes..
    What to learn from this instance
    Freed many from pain..and yet
    got trapped in poverty’s net
    Serve with care , love them all
    Save a little for self ..never fall ?


  6. I wonder how we cheers our fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and lovers to war for victory, and upon their return we all in a way partake in treating them like an outcast. Thanks for this article as they always say a picture can speak a thousand words. Thanks once again.


  7. Honestly touching. The words speak truth without anger. I love that the figure of the homeless man is vibrant red while the passersby who ignore him are black, two dimensional figures.

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