16 comments on “Time Before Time

  1. The healthy debate the gentility and intelligence of these masterful words will, no doubt do little for my insomnia, yet if I have to be wide awake in the middle of the night ‘thinking’, I can think of no better choice of subject matter, Paul

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  2. Enigma
    Beyond the most distant star
    An abyss of nothingness disappears.
    Darkness unending spans the unlighted space
    A void without boundaries not starting or ending
    Unbounded by imagination unable to congeal
    A place where the human senses are vacant
    Anomaly mathematicians can only hypothesize
    A theory that can not be tested
    Lacking the knowledge to define
    Definition without references
    Timeless progression is like a clock with no hands
    Does nonexistence exist?
    If this incompressibility perceives humanity,
    What or who would that be?

    David E Christian (stardate null)

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  3. So happy to read your Word. Car krasch 2year in hospital. But thanks you lord i live.

    Raoul “memo”

    Look forward to read
    Again my blogg hehe u now maby to many facets. Maby this time i mean krasch head 😊…. Let see


  4. Paul, you have beautifully sculpted this fine piece as a cosmic force of energy, light and darkness prevailing at once! “ethereal inhales and exhales

    replete cosmogenesis

    parallel opposite worlds

    full of opposite parallel minds

    time in omni-directional course

    unpredictably carried by chance

    forward backward and sideways

    perhaps all is ever and always..”


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