16 comments on “Remember Tomorrow Today

  1. ‘White bones of youth’ hits hard, as it should. The poem hits hard. A lack of plain and simple common-sense within the masses and their leaders, sadly ‘hits hard’ for the sake of the bliss that is named ‘ignorance’. A most splendid piece of work, Paul.

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  2. Such wisdom, pain and sorrow in this poem, Paul. After a long time away from the world as I recovered from car accident injuries, I remember saying to my husband: “I cannot believe we still have wars.” It just made no sense.

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  3. “Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing;
    Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago . . .”
    Your poem brings it all to mind . . . Thanks!

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  4. Civilization and peace seem so 19th Century today… I do not hear our national leaders nor insergent groups offering either objective. There objective appears to be to anihilate those whom they deem vile. – Oscar

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  5. I find growing trends in this day, saber rattling and ballistic testing, postulating and chest-puffing posturing and political rhetoric a truly sad reflection of our times. We seem awkwardly destined to self-destruction. An exaggeration, an overreaction perhaps? I am not sure, really.

    The slaughter continues and the potential for killing on a scale that would negate proper burial would seem imminent if more than a mere possibility. Arrogance and total disregard for the horrendous losses throughout history seem to motivate and drive the hunger and need to conquer in this day. Such a wayward mentality.

    Wonderfully penned Paul. I feel a sense of lingering sadness in a place deep within. I am normally an optimist though lately I have been swayed from my perch of greater probabilities.

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