54 comments on “Milestones

    • during this intermission, allow me to express my sorrow and regret of the recent attacks in the UK – I hesitate to mention them because their very recall boils my innards – I hope that whatever new government emerges finds a way to make life safer for all UK citizens

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  1. This is amazing! Definitely well deserved. Thanks for setting the bar high and for showing up, no matter what. It’s an honor to be part of your great congregation.

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  2. Your vast audience and their endless praise are a testament to an unwavering devotion to your written works, Paul. It is a considerable challenge in this day and age to achieve the level of engagement and following that you currently enjoy. We write for the love of writing first and foremost and when one’s audience embraces the poet’s mark of distinction their significant recognition becomes the cornerstones of that legacy in its building. Your gift is now and forever our treasure to have and hold as inspired audience and benefactor.

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