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  1. I was listening to the great Jim Eason on KGO one afternoon, and his guest was The Velvet Fog himself, Mel Torme. Mr. Torme regaled the radio audience with this anecdote: He was at a radio station, back in the 50s, about to conclude his business, when he was informed that John Hart, who was upstairs getting ready to do The Lone Ranger show, was a big fan and wanted to see him before he left. Torme agreed and went to see radio voice of the Lone Ranger. When Hart saw him, he went over, shook his hand and exuberantly proclaimed, “You gas me, baby! I have all your jazz albums. You gas me!” Informed that they were about to go on the air, Hart moved to his microphone, still keeping his eyes fixed on the jazz singer. “Stick around ‘til after the show, and we’ll go have a beer. You gas me, baby!” The light went on and, without missing a beat, John Hart’s voice went deep and resonate, “Sheriff, this mask is the same as your badge—a symbol for law and order.”
    I tell this story only because I wanted to say, “Paul, you gas me, baby!”

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  2. A wonderful rumination on musicianship in general, and jazz in particular. It brought me back to so many performances, where the best moments meant the artist was not on stage, but in my heart and mind, plucking at my own thoughts and feelings. This is a great piece, thank you.

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  3. Thanks, Paul, for using my painting image for your blog. It is a fitting poem for The Jazz Player. I normally would appreciate if people would ask my permission for the use of my artwork images as a way of courtesy to the artist, that way I know where my artwork is being shown and I can promote the site featuring my artwork as well. It works both ways I think. Best regards and God bless!

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    • Jun, I apologize for neglecting to secure your permission. As there was no commercial aspect involved, I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that it was permissible. And I always give full attribution for any images I use as complements to my poetry. I’m pleased that you thought it was fitting in this case. Thank you for your kind and considerate message. Blessings returned in kind.


  4. Poet Paul has a feel for music, you have to be a part of something to hear or feel it and this poem states it in obvious, but, subtle notes and or tones. He took me into the music he hears in his head as he wrote this poem. Well written, one that knows both dance and music hears and feel your muse.

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