31 comments on “Dispositive

  1. Another WOW one! Not sure I understand some undertones of guilt with the legal term “dispositive” (had to look it up) but I love it. It is like a dream. Once again, though, you are very hard on yourself. Love the “soul saving rare second chance”. Mine came from the seeming sorry event of a nervous breakdown. A second chance — a second life followed.


  2. This is fabulous…I could feel the pain of “climb the back of my legs with your barbed-wire toes” and was on the edge of my seat with “with a rush I leap backwards and heave myself
    crashing the window
    I also loved the line “as we sail through the air for seconds or centuries”


  3. Having recently lost what seemed like a title fight with a polished granite floor, this gem was the perfect read, Paul. This day is the first day since my defeat that I’ve felt relatively normal…I think, today I’ve begun to remember who I am!

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  4. Incredible writing, and so unnerving. I had to check the date, fearing it was all too current–aware that your days are mostly filled with pain…and poetry. God bless you, Paul.

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