22 comments on “Sweet Darkness

  1. ‘its central conceit / that illusion of blue / when the truth is / the sky has no color at all’: what terrific lines and how profound . . . What we think we see IS but illusion: the eye playing such sweet tricks on the mind . . . Brilliant!

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  2. Beautiful poem. Rich imagery. I think of the midnight blue of night as consistent. The sky of daytime is a kaleidoscope of changing color. I have a glass bottle on my dressing table that is cobalt blue in the day and colorless when the light of the moon comes in my window. Another illusion?

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  3. Truly exceptional Paul, undeniably exceptional. The night holds significant power; a cloak, a dagger. How many nights I have squandered restful slumber through endless contemplation, anticipation, sadness, physical pain. There is no rational motivation for dreams as they occur except as triggered by events of the day or the burden of lingering emotions. Our exposure to global strife, conflict, and denigration are thankfully mitigated by the occasional positive in our lives.

    The mind and its subconscious; fascinating, uncontrollable, inconsolable. The calm of night is only as comforting as our state of mind and body. Only then do colors become fully monotone. Only then does the relative silence signal a shift in our focus, a release from what belabors our minds.

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