13 comments on “First Modern Man

  1. Your diction is as erudite as Machiavelli himself, Paul! If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend Ross King’s excellent book “Machiavelli: Philosopher of Power.” It’s only 240 pages, but packed full of history, art, philosophy and intrigue. Hope you have a good day, my friend 🙂


  2. Alas,misinterpretations of his masterpiece has only caused untold misery upon this spinning blue orb already too burdened by death, destruction, and infinite sorrow. Superb post, as always, Paul.


  3. I’m guessing you’re a Mensa man. I’m a fairly sharp cookie, but I come here–and leave awestruck, left in the dust. The beauty part is that I keep coming back, that I feel no shame–only fascination. God bless you BIG today.


  4. You seek to restore sir Machiavelli’s good name or just his true “nature”? I love the poem. I love the conversations I know want to have with (ostensibly my walls since no one else is home) about the things you say in this poem. Huzzah!


    • glad you liked it, Jessica – frankly, it’s been 50 years since I read him, but I always felt uneasy with his name used as pejorative – there was more to his mind and, I think his motives, than the Prince – but he will always be debated and unclearly understood, chiefly because I think he never quite understood himself


      • I think that is fairly accurate.i agree he did seem to have a dissonance of sorts in his writings. I think people find it easier to categorize him by his more bleak musings on power then to really abstract on the ironical ideas he may have intended. I myself, in more general conversations, am likely to do the same. It makes me rethink, What if there were a time when my writings were possibly taken out of the context of a body of work and then viewed through a negative lens how that might feel. I had a teacher tell me once that “Even Machiavelli was not so Machiavellian as one might think” . This poem reminded me of that 🙂


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