39 comments on “Tabula Rasa

  1. And the Writer triumphs. I love the meta. “Deaf to the noise of impatience” Is such a wonderful visual. I wonder though why “ungrateful”. Is she the benefactor of the outcome if good? This wording quite removes the writing from it’s writer. I think I quite like it but am intrigued at the choice.


    • I’m guessing, Jessica, because I don’t recall my mindset when I wrote it – ungrateful in the sense that I gave her life and with it her purpose to serve me – so how dare she sleep when I am awake – removal? – yes, but not so much the writing from the writer as the non-writing from the writer – in other words, a metaphorical scapegoat for my own failure


  2. I’d forgotten this exquisite literary treat! I’d like to reblog–probably this weekend, if that suits you 🙂 My fave image remains the muse sleeping on white unmade ideas–so wonderful!!

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  3. Reblogged this on GOD'S CHAIR and commented:
    I’m featuring my friend, Paul Lenzi, again–this poem is all kinds of Wonderful, and has stood the test of time. I really wish I could do calligraphy, as it would make a great poster for this poet to hang on the wall. Enjoy!!

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