47 comments on “Irreducible

  1. Love this! It’s relatible to the personal story behind a poem I wrote and posted last night titled “Solaris’ Solace”. It wasn’t one of my better poems in my opinon though, and I like this poem of yours much more 🙂


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    Relatible to my poem last night, “Solaris’ Solace”! I like “Irreducible” much more though! Anyone coming across this reblog – subscribe to Paul, he’s a much better poet than I, and I hope to someday have as deep a vocabulary and nack for saying so much in short beautiful lines as he!


  3. I like the irreducible theme. Reminds me of a saying a music engineer friend of mines likes to use when recording. Does it make it better? Anything that doesn’t make it better isn’t included, which includes things that make it worse but also things that are neutral. Or as Einstein would say “Make it as simple as possible and no simpler.”


  4. I’m staying with Caddo’s comment today 🙂 🙂 All the poems you’ve written, alone–your words are bound (literally) to remain in hearts and bookshelves for as long as forever lasts here on earth…and even in Heaven if God has a library, which would be Way Cool!

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  5. Wow. Sir, your philosophical and metaphysical penmanship is remarkable. Poems like these keep me thinking for a while. I love your ‘pretty picture’ poems and sentimental pieces, but these enchantingly evocative poems are my favourites. ‘Whose language is lovely with death’ – what a line!

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