47 comments on “Cigarettes

  1. This is an incredibly lucid piece of writing, as I sit here no longer enjoying my cigarette as I read your wonderful writing. I keep wondering why I haven’t got cancer….yet…but the dance of death you describe isn’t strong enough to lure me away from the ritual. Nicely done!


  2. I used to smoke. So did my brother. I quit. My brother died of lung cancer 2 years ago at 57. Not a good way to go. It is seductive though, I admit, and every once in awhile I wish for one with my drug of choice now, coffee.


  3. I have never smoked, but can appreciate the struggle of someone trying to quit, or, in your case, wondering about the effects and when they will have their say. This is quite a wonderful poem, full of depth. Congratulations again on another fine piece.


  4. coffee and nicotine may be the death of me. Cheers on how will you captured the smokers dilemma so completely. “Wondering when fortune or fate will subsume” Exactly!!! Now i must go smoke and think about this poem 😉


  5. Nicotine is a great synapse enhance, but while its helping you write it is killing you at the same time — Stephen King said something like this in On Writing.

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  6. 12 years quit this past June 5th. My sister was a 2 pack-a-day until she had this thing done with a needle/syringe in the ear that totally broke the habit for her – miraculously. Auriculotherapy.

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  7. Wonderfully done Paul. I used to smoke too. I quit once for 10 years and then stupidly started again. I’ve stopped again. This time for 2 years now and for good! It’s a horrible addiction though. I understand the struggle and I still want one every now and then.

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  8. Superb. Loved this, Paul. I’ll have to find my poem ‘I Roll My Own Cigarettes’ for you. I could discuss smoking with you for ages, but I’m now in the need to pop outside for a ciggy! Much love from Baldy.

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