33 comments on “Symbiosis

  1. Standing bravely alone now dying slowly yet holding erect
    the tree has seen brighter days than today
    the birds once chirped, nestled in its arms
    fruits it bore and shade it gave..but then
    it’s soul left ..and it decayed
    in spirit and health
    nothing could bring back
    when life had left.


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  3. Its a intricate way to combine decay of tree and life, but as you say if it’s a recurring nightmare can you think why it happens ? I hope not to offend you but solely for the interest/concern of healing. In my mind there has to be something buried that is trying to solve or come out ? Once you know or discover what it is, the nightmares will stop. I send you Healing Energies for the nightmares to soften and gradually fade away and gone for ever. Many Blessings ❤

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