23 comments on “God’s Country

  1. And wonder wears out the imagination
    And the sage is at a loss….
    Such is the trickery of the awe of God’s country.
    Hello Paul. Been a while. Word is you got another award nom. Let’s find that out now. Congrats meanwhile.


  2. Fascinating palette of vocab for imagery–you’re definitely a poet to learn from, and have made it to my Top 2 list (for whatever that’s worth). Dad always called the Pac NW “God’s Country”…


  3. Hi Paul,

    I think this is a fun poem, starting out kind of outside the frame of itself, but then entering into some pretty fine imagery.

    Thanks you for your read and like on The Danforth Anchor.


  4. These lines are dizzying in their beauty, as are the elements that make up “God’s country.” My favorite, however, is “capped by eggshells and pearls.” Beautiful word images, and the visual image is perfect to go along with your poetic descriptions.


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